Trans National Fusion

Want to find your artistic side? Looking for a new exercise program? Need some fun “girl time”? Terri and Patti’s classes focus on the basics of belly dance isolations building to combinations from American Tribal Style and Fly Fusion belly dance.


Classes will begin in September.

Join Terri and Patti, certified American Tribal Style® and Fly Fusion® teachers, to learn the beauty, grace and strength of Trans National Fusion dance styles. ATS is a group improvisational dance that blends several Middle Eastern styles of dance with Indian and Flamenco accents.  Fly Fusion is a fast and funky improvisational fusion style.

Shimmy School: A Beginning Belly Dance Class
Have you always wanted to try belly dancing?  Join Terri and Patti on a journey through hip circles, shoulder shimmies and undulations.  This low-impact aerobic activity is perfect for folks of any fitness level, age and size.  We will be exploring the Trans-National Fusion styles of American Tribal Style and Fly Fusion belly dance. 

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm
September 9- October 28
Tippi Toes Studios, 1619 N Broadway, Rochester, MN 55906


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Shimmy School

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm
September 9- October 28
Tippi Toes Studios, 1619 N Broadway, Rochester, MN 55906



$96 for 8 class pass or $15 for drop in

Pay with Check or Credit card at your first class!




Preparing for your first class...


Dress comfortably.

Most people wear some type of yoga or dance pant and a tank top or closer fitting t-shirt to class.  Your clothing should allow you to move.  There are no special shoes required, in fact, most people dance with bare feet.  If you have foot or knee problems and plan on dancing in shoes, please bring a pair of dance sneakers or shoes you haven't worn outside. You do NOT have to show your belly although some dancers do that once they begin to feel more comfortable in class.


Plan to have fun!

Belly dance is based on learning to isolate different parts of your body and move them seemingly independently from other parts.  It is pretty fun and definitely funny when folks are just starting to learn.  We welcome every person whether you have danced before or not.  Because American Tribal Style is based on group improvisation, you will have opportunities to get to know the other members of your class.  Wonderful friendships and great communities are often formed from belly dance classes.


It doesn't even feel like exercise.

Many students tell me that class doesn't even feel like exercise, but belly dance can actually be a great low-impact activity that tones, strengthens and builds your core.  During class, Terri will offer variations on movements for those who want more of a work out or those who want less of one.