Terri Allred, Owner of Third Eye Tribal

Terri Allred, Owner of Third Eye Tribal

About Terri Allred

Terri has channeled her life-long passion for study of dance to create a dance experience just for you. Whether you take a class, schedule a workshop or book a party, Terri will make sure that your experience is fabulous.

During her years as Executive Director of several Rape Crisis and Women’s Centers in Tennessee, Ohio and North Carolina, she learned the importance of service for and acceptance of all women. You will find this attitude in all of her classes with individual attention, small class sizes and welcoming style. It doesn’t matter if you have danced before or always considered yourself to have “two left feet”. You will feel welcome and find your inner dancing queen at Third Eye Tribal.

In 2002, Terri suffered a head injury at a fundraiser for her nonprofit. It was a freak accident that changed her life completely. During her rehabilitation, her physical therapist suggested that she take a dance class to help in the recovery. She found a local belly dance teacher in North Carolina (Aziza Fadwa) and the journey began.

Because of this experience, you will find compassionate acceptance of injury, chronic illness, life transitions, lack of coordination or any other potential obstacle that has kept you from exercise or self expression.  All belly dance classes offer gentle, non-impact aerobic exercise.

If you are looking for performance opportunities or performers for your event, you can find student troupes and professional troupes at Third Eye Tribal. Terri is also the Director of Darshana Tribal, a group comprised of dancers from Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  

Terri has studied with many of the best teachers in the world representing a variety of styles including classical Egyptian, Turkish, Indian, Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style® and American Belly Dance. This commitment to excellence ensures that you are receiving the best dance instruction from a well trained professional in her field.  


Patti Chiarini

Patti has been belly dancing for over 10 years. Starting in Cabaret she quickly became drawn to the fusion side of belly dance and improvisation. Patti is certified as an ATS® instructor and soon to be Fly Fusion® instructor. She strives to help women have a positive body image and that every woman regardless of shape, size, or age can dance and look beautiful doing so.